Salsa Squared

18 Aug

So to pick up where I left off a few days ago, Ryan and I successfully made the walk to and from the gym, with about 45 mins of working out in between. The walk is a little over a mile and a half each way, but also took about a half an hour, so its def a great way to get in an extra workout, but only if we have a good 2 hours to devote to the process.

Meanwhile, I’ve been very busy at work, and more than excited to have a day off tomorrow! I cannot wait to have a 5 day work week and weekends off, since I’m a routine kind of girl, and haven’t felt much like cooking and don’t have terribly fun dishes to share for the most part, but I did eat some yummy things today worth noting:

Breakfast was an egg white with S&P, on a toufayan whole wheat bagel with a little whipped cream cheese and salsa to top it off. A little spicy for breakfast to help wake me up!

I also had a little Hello Kitty cup of Orange Juice! These little cups are the best for milk and juices, since I typically don’t like too much of a flavored drink, so its the perfect amount! (My baby heinekens also fit this bill!)

Lunch was nothing impressive, and eaten in between working on computers (so appetizing!). It was the other half of a tomato caprese sandwich I picked up at a little grocery on my walk back from the gym the other day, which was very disappointing. It was supposed to be a pressed panini and have pesto on it, but the bread was so flimsy, it never really pressed into a crispy panini as I picture it, and had NO PESTO! This made me sad, as I love some pesto…that might go on the list of things to attempt making soon.

Anyways, after a long, tiring day at work, and a quick run with Ryan, I did not feel like cooking, so we stopped by Publix and picked up a bag of romaine lettuce, and a Greenwise (Publix’s house organic brand) Spinach & Feta pizza.

This led to a salad with a bit of feta, some croutons, because I didn’t have much else to put in le salade & for dressing…MORE SALSA. I can’t get enough hot salsa. By the end of this relatively small salad, my mouth was burning! I need to start buying gallons…or perhaps attempt making my own! Probably worth it, since I’ve been eating so much recently.

Lastly, the pizza:

This was one of the most delicious, and flavorful natural/organic pizzas I’ve ever had. I like the Amy’s Margarita pizza a lot, but this to me was far superior. The feta was tasty, but not overwhelming as I’d feared. The spinach was not sparse, but not overly clumpy in places. The crust also had a good flavor, and a really nice crunch to it. Perhaps my only complaint was just how tiny it was, as it was smaller than normal frozen pizzas & wish we could have had leftovers :-/

On some future notes, I  recently bought some Quinoa to try for the first time, and am very excited to try it out. I’ve stumbled across a really delicious recipe from Cooking Light I might try. Also, I’m running my first 5k  since my Junior year of high school, on Sunday, so I’m pretty excited/nervous!

I’m gonna get back to the relaxing glass of Riesling I’ve been sipping on while watching Masterchef/blogging.

Have a good night!


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