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Cats 1

2 Apr

Cats 1

Aedan and Cuddles and Me


5k After the Fact

26 Aug

So a little belatedly, because of being quite busy this week, but a quick update on my run Sunday…

I finished my first 5k in years in 32:15!

And I was the 217th finisher in the race, Ace of Diamonds, hosted by the American Running Company!

It was a hard run because I’m not used to running early in the morning, and couldn’t really get into that nice relaxing running groove, plus there were some rather steep hills (where’d they get hills in Florida?!?).

All in all, I was proud of myself because I ran the entire thing, and I can’t wait to run another race in the future!

Nervous Night!

21 Aug

Running my first 5k in over 4 years tomorrow morning! The one and only race i ran was horrible because I hadn’t trained in any way, shape or form, and I felt very embarrassed to see the overweight soccer moms passing me left and right by a mile in. This time, I’ve trained and been running 3-4 miles regularly, so I know I can do it, but am still nervously anticipating my 5 am wake up call…

Off to bed with me to try and be rested for the morning!